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Excellence Since 1983

Graphics Trends is a privately owned business that was founded in 1983 by a designer who was asked to produce one of his visual merchandising designs. This request led to the foundation of what today is Graphic Trends.


We are a print and display company made up of Designers, Printers, Builders,

Pre-Press Operators, Office Staff, and Leaders.

Founded in 1983 - Minority-Owned Business - Decades of Proven Product Display & Print Experience 

Swatches of materials and colors

Our Story

In a time before computers, smartphones, rendering software, and digital equipment Kieu Tran was a designer in Southern California in pursuit of the American Dream creating logos, various sketches, and mockups for retailers and new brands. Kieu had a reputation for saying yes to anything to make his clients happy, his can-do spirit and talent made any design come alive with both skill and unmatched enthusiasm.

In 1983, Kieu was asked to print something he designed and it needed to be screen printed. Kieu decided to dive into printing without any experience, never giving up to meet his client's ever-growing demands.

Graphic Trends was born.

Graphic Trends has since become a leader in printing and display manufacturing. By executing excellence through applying innovative designs, and technologies, we have been able to produce national marketing campaigns, 3D displays, and outdoor printing for some of the most successful retailers in the nation fueled by Kieu's contagious "can-do" spirit, project enthusiasm, fantastic quality, and technical expertise.

In 2012, Graphic Trends began creating product displays and nearly any type of 3D projects in addition to our award-winning printing services, our name has since become synonymous with the most creative retail and outdoor solutions in the nation.

Our ability to supply clients with any facet of vibrant color printing, unique product displays, stunning 3D projects, distribution, installation, and top-notch project management will continue to provide both brands and consumers a fantastic experience for many years to come.

Our Formula

Hard work, dedication, ambition, and expertise. Just a few words to describe Graphic Trends' contagious enthusiasm to serve their clients with the best in print and product display solutions that started nearly 40 years ago.  

Contact us today to start your next best project. 

Graphic Trends Print and Product Display Solutions
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