Make it an Experience to Remember

Graphic Trends will help you showcase your special event and launch party by creating unforgettable product displays, dimensional branding, powerful graphics, and unique, one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing fixtures.

Creative Design - Large Format Printing - Unique Fixtures - Installation - Influencer Event Props

Graphic Trends Special Event Printing

Selecting the right vendor, materials, and installation team doesn't need to be a difficult undertaking. We understand the initial encounter with the consumer can make or break your first impression. Graphic Trends will help you create an impression you love and that your customers will be drawn to. 

Brand Activations

Graphic Trends works closely with brands to help develop product display, branding, and printing which we present through material sampling, prototyping, and digital renderings. Our goal is to develop and build interactions for our clients in the most memorable way using both print and display.

Graphic Trends Special Event Printing

Unique Fixtures