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Retail Fixture Design & Millwork

Our in-house design and manufacturing teams have created custom retail store fixtures for almost every retail environment imaginable as well as a broad set of industries, including health and beauty, consumer electronics, apparel, and cannabis dispensaries. Our customers include leading brands and store retailers who wish to have a custom store fixture that better represents their in-store environment with an innovative design, and unmatched durability with proven functionality.

​Our facilities, both in Los Angeles and China, include client project management, conceptual design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and fulfillment.

Our team will provide creative and design services for your project.
Trust a proven expert that will help your brand grow.

Custom Millwork - Retail Fixtures and Tables

Graphic Trends offers a blended manufacturing model which leverages our design, in-house manufacturing and overseas manufacturing, with our post-production capabilities. Our expertise spans the broadest range of material categories including responsibly sourced woods, high-pressure laminates, metal, glass and plastics. Our build experience is only rivaled by our post production capabilities which includes printing, powder coating, painting and foil stamping.

All store fixtures can be designed with the latest in integrated electronics. We are experts in designing retail fixtures and work stations that incorporate video monitors, LED illuminated shelving, illuminated apparel hangers, and illuminated graphic panels.

Some of Our Clients

Simple Human Retail Fixtures
NIKE Retail Fixtures
Credo Beauty Retail Fixtures
Ziba Beauty Retail Fixtures
Whole Foods Market FIxtures
Custom Retail Fixture

Custom Shelf Fixture


Sugarfina wanted an open sell fixture that helped bring out their colorful and sweet product lineup. A durable classic gloss white minimalistic fixture with illuminated shelves and back-lit graphics. Completely modular, all of the graphics can be updated easily.

Product Tower Fixture

Merge 4

Merge 4 partnered with Graphic Trends to develop a standing product display that complimented their super bright and fun sock wear. This standing display can be merchandised from both sides.

Custom Retail Fixture
Custom Retail Fixture

Custom Wall Fixture

Ziba Beauty

Ziba Beauty partnered with graphic trends for a completely new store experience. The store refresh consisted of new graphics and store fixtures which included a custom wall fixture, nail bar, cash wrap, and various work stations and cabinetry. Designed, built, and installed by Graphic Trends.

Open Sell Beauty Fixture

Lime Crime

Lime Crime partnered with Graphic Trends due to our extensive beauty and cosmetic knoweledge. We developed a free-standing beauty fixture that can house back stock yet look and perform similarly to a open sell beauty gondola complete with updatable graphics, illuminated shelf faces, and cabinetry for back stock.

Custom Retail Fixture
Custom Retail Fixture

Custom Beauty Gondola

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market partnered with Graphic Trends to develop a free-standing open sell beauty gondola that has the all natural look and feel you would expect to see at a Whole Foods Store. The table and "Wedge" fixture comes complete with updatable graphics, drawers for back stock, and an updatable cosmetic tester area. Graphic Trends has produced these fixtures nation wide and has provided updates for over 10 different beauty brands.

Graphic Trends Retail Design

Custom Mill Work and Fixtures

Nesting Tables - Wall Fixtures - Open Sell Fixtures

Beauty Gondolas - Custom Mill Work - Custom Retail Tables

Retail Mill Work - Custom Cash Wrap - Nail Tables - Beauty Tables

Custom Retail Fixtures

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