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Influencer Gift Box

Creating an Unforgettable 
Social Media Gift Box

Graphic Trends will design an influencer gift box that creates interest and excitement while reflecting your branding and packaged product. Our gift and subscription box designs will set you apart from other social media posts. Choose from rigid edge-wrapped boxes with foam inserts, foiled logos, soft-hand coatings, corrugated mailers, full-color printing, texture printing, embossing, with the widest range of dimensional creativity. 

​Our facilities, both in Los Angeles and China, include client project management, conceptual design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and fulfillment.

We can pack out your products and handle the complete distribution of any gift box project.

You can't afford to go with a mailer box that looks like

everyone else's. We can set you apart from the competition.

Our team of designers can make sure your influencer box stands out from the competition. Already a heavily saturated market, you don't want to have a mailer that looks like everyone else's.  We can take your influencer gift box design to the next level while still providing value and brand recognition.


Influencer Gift Box Designs that generate interest, excitement, and anticipation.

Some of Our Clients

Pacifica Beauty Influencer Gift Boxes
Too Faced Influencer Gift Boxes
Credo Beauty Influencer Gift Boxes
Urban Decay Influencer Gift Boxes
Loreal Influencer Gift Boxes
Influencer Gift Box

Influencer Gift Box

Kylie Skin

Kylie Skin wanted an elegant influencer gift box that was completely pink with a subtle soft-touch coating throughout the interior and exterior of the box. This rigid box has a magnetic clasp and foam insert that captures the product.

Influencer Gift Box

ColourPop Cosmetics

ColourPop Cosmetics wanted us to create a rigid influencer gift box with a magnetic clasp. This box has a soft-touch coating on the exterior of the box, holographic foil-stamped logos, and custom foam inserts that captures the products with a holographic foil face.

Influencer Gift Box
Influencer Gift Box

Influencer Gift Box with Drawers

ColourPop Cosmetics

ColourPop Cosmetics wanted something more than a custom influencer gift box, they wanted a multi-level cosmetic case complete with a sliding drawer. This custom gift box held eight products in foil laminated foam product inserts.

Subscription Mailer Box


We can create virutally any size mail or subscription box for your products, branding, and budget. Our tailored designs can be coated with a particular finish, feature printing both inside and outside of the box, and can be foiled in the widest array of colors.

Influencer Gift Box
Influencer Gift Box

Influencer Gift Box

Basma Beauty

Basma Beauty originally reached out to Graphic Trends to create a custom cosmetic beauty display. Shortly after having built the displays, Basma asked us to produce a custom influencer gift box that would mirror the look we provided on the custom display and would be large enough to hold the complete color assortment.

Custom Influencer Gift Boxes

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