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Grass Displays

Immersive, Innovative
Product Display Creation.

Everyone knows that creating a comfortable in-store dispensary encourages repeat visits from paying customers and reflects on your image, professionalism, and brand. Let our team of design professionals help you and your team go above and beyond the expensive cookie-cutter catalog displays, everyone has within their store. Graphic Trends will create a product display or custom in-store fixture that reflects your brand, story, and product performance. 

​Our facilities both in Los Angeles and China include client project management, conceptual design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and fulfillment.

Our team will provide creative and design services for your project.
Trust a proven expert that will help your brand grow.

The industry has evolved.

It's time your visual merchandising does the same.

With so many different products available to consumers you need to partner with a proven company that is an expert in differentiating top brands in competitive retail environments.


Design, execution, and value that generates product sales.

Some of Our Clients

VVS Cannabis Flower Display
LEUNE Flower Display
Originals Flower Display
Easyriders Flower Display
NattyRems Flower Display
Originals Grass Display

Flower and Hash Display

Originals LA

Originals LA wanted something that complimented their retail experience while drawing consumer attention to their product lineup. They also needed something that was scalable for additional product growth, told the Originals story, and was LA-themed with the potential to be themed for other cityscapes. Graphic Trends took their display to the next level with a three-dimensional cityscape.

Multi-Product Product Display


LEUNE partnered with Graphic Trends to develop a modular grass display that complimented their award-winning pre-rolls, live resins, flowers, and new Gem Drops. Developed in two sizes, these multi-product displays can be shown at any dispensary on shelves, cash wraps, and countertops. 

LEUNE Grass Display
Easyriders Grass Display

Custom Product Display


Unhappy with what other displays looked like, Easyriders was looking for a display developer that could design a product display that truly embodied the relaunch of their lifestyle brand. Easyriders ultimately teamed up with Graphic Trends to not only develop a one-of-a-kind, super-cool display but to handle all of the visuals and installation for their relaunch party.

Multi-Product Display

Natty Rems

Graphic Trends developed a scalable multi-product display that could provide a branded stage for their award-winning products which include high-quality flowers, concentrates, and cartridges. Easy to update and brand, this modular product display complimented Natty Rems' extensive product lineup.

Natty Rems Grass Display
VVS Grass Display

Custom Product Display


Unhappy with what catalog suppliers had to offer, VVS partnered with Graphic Trends to develop a product display that showcased their product's sleek design and modern feel. The VVS product line has a modern metallic finish and our design team wanted to create a display that shows off the product's bright finish with a material that created contrast.


The end result was a modern lightweight modular product display that highlighted the VVS product line rather than compete with it.

Grass Displays

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