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Printing a First and Lasting Impression

From large-format outdoor printing, construction barricades, and theme park signage to high-resolution photography and brilliant retail graphics, Graphic Trends can provide a variety of visual solutions that spread your message to the masses that includes kit packing, distribution, and installation. 

We understand how preserving the integrity of your imagery and design all starts with knowledge, application experience, and consistency of the print process.

Retail Printing - Large-Format Printing - Outdoor Printing - Window Marketing - Installation - Distribution

Graphic Trends Print and Product Display Solutions

Graphic Trends has decades of proven experience printing high-quality graphics while designing eye-catching product displays. As one of the premier printers in the Los Angeles, we know what it takes to create retail and outdoor environments that inspire engagement.

Our team goes the extra mile to bring our clients' printing applications to life on the widest range of substrates with endless finishing options.

  • Wall & Floor Graphics

  • Window Graphics

  • Back-lit Graphics

  • Transit Graphics

  • Retail Signage

  • 3D Displays

  • Banners

Graphic Installation Los Angeles

Graphic & Fixture Installation 

We understand that your project and company’s reputation rests on our shoulders every time you contract us for a job. That is why we deliver the highest quality installation on every job regardless of the end application. We pride ourselves in offering the best graphic, special event, and fixture installers in the business and strive to build strong and long-lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Construction Barricades

Construction Barricades

Just because an  area is under construction doesn't mean the graphics can't look finished, clean, bright, and durable. Graphic Trends designs, prints and installs construction barricades for malls, retailers, and theme parks. Whether you are constructing a new ride or renovating a retail store in the mall, our barricades will be professionally printed and installed.

Printing Capabilities

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